ROb and Kris are back in LA baby!!
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 Squeeee.. awwww.. yeayy...

what a wonderful morning to wake up with so many DMs on my twitter. You prob know what the DM's are all about.

Just scroll down kay :D

The wrap party was last Saturday (and for those of you who keep asking, yes, contrary to what multiple outlets reported, Kristen Stewart was there though she kept it ultra low key and seemed exhausted) but Twilight Eclipse did not actually wrap until late last night/early Thursday morning. 

It was a closed set, it was Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and it was “Bella” trying to open her flower to “Edward” and some other corny speak. 
Pattinson was actually released BEFORE midnight last night. He was officially done after the blueball erotica scene was completed but Kristen was required to stay several hours later for some extra voice work.
Pattinson STAYED an extra FOUR HOURS so that they could leave together.
Kristen was accompanied by her minder and gives a flirty shy smile, Pattinson was with his personal security, and all four were inside the first class lounge together. As you can see, with his sunglasses off, Pattinson was apparently ultra chatty with his bodyguard and with the airport escort. 
source: lainey

rob and kris leaving VC

so I should post rob's arrives in LA pics. But I want to wait till someone post the splas vid in YT so we can see a glimpse of Kris behind him
It's so sweet, cos rob's check on her while walking.. he's such a sweet boyfriend, don't you think..




robsten Vid for Today
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robsten LA-VC
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 I'm so excited to see all the casts in VC now But where are kristen and Rob? Oh turns out after TCA they left for VC the next morning.

Rob and Kris left LA to VC


ROB AND KRIS AT VC (oh and I love kris's shoes and Joy Division's tee)




TCA Fail Big
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I don't feel like want to post anything bout it.

Everything was so weird. They set the show to be all about Robert not TWILIGHT. But Kris was looking FIERCE and that black and white outfit. The pic were Rob and Kris supposed to sit together? NOT HAPPENED. It is suck!!

ah the lamb

and so the lion


Turns out TCA was not bad at all

New Vid, rob and kris was leaving TOGETHER!

Kris do a Robert's Impression! SO FUNNY!!

Twiligt wins 11 award. That's not a surprised. Just check out 4:35, kris punch rob. lol


robsten epic sightings LA
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 Okay! I've been busy on twitter to wait any pictures or sightings from this two cutie couple. 

And here's the recap so far. ^^

Hunky heart throb Rob Pattinson was spied speeding away from co-star Kristen Stewart’s house on Thursday and his getaway car was a beautiful green Porsche

Rob Pattison and Kristen Stewart evaded screaming girl fans Thursday night as they snuck out of the Chateau Marmont and hit a local Hollywood hot spot for a friend’s concert.  
Right before Bobby played the last song, the lovely couple sneaked to the exit where the cab was waiting. Luckly we can get one blurry pictha!

aaww. sneaky2x. R|K and Marcuse headed to the Chateau Marmont, where Radar reported someone delivered a guitar to their suit, and around 1 AM, Marcuse left, leaving this lovers spent a quality time together.

And the next day, Pics surfaced where K was leaving the Chateau and Rob spotted grab some late breakfast. awawawaw

as they can't get it enough of each other, they both were spotted again, together, at Hotel Cafe (again) were Marcus was having a live show that night. Everything was well planned, as both of them rushingly left the cafe to the waiting volvo outside.  Rob was wearing a blue plaid while the Lady was wearing her signature style, the knot grey tee.

Aw.. and then the lovely couple spotted having breakfast with friends at the Patio Hotel. We can see there's a legsie-gate going on people?

oh and last night rob went to Marcus show again, but he's going solo. But boy can't u keep ur hands from ur phone for a while, he did that everytime K's not around. LOL

and what we have here? Kris and Rob were at the balcony, well not together, but deft it's the same place!!

and for the next event, TCA, they both will sit next to each other and how much I can't wait to see them handed hand HOPEFULLY!!


Robsten Update August 2009
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So they both in LA. I'm so excited! N they need to be left alone, don't they ? *wink

Don't forget to vote for them at as I want so badly for them to win the Movie LipLock *o yeah



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